Outpatient Therapy allows for clients to meet with a licensed professional and develop ways to reduce their symptoms and develop ways to manage their mental health independently.  

We offer Therapeutic services for individuals, families, and groups, in the community and in our virtual office setting. Your therapist will use an integrated person centered approach to assist clients meet their desired goals.

Providing support, shelter, and safety to children who’ve experienced forms of displacement, abuse and/or neglect can pose many challenges. 

Our trainings are created for staff that work in youth crisis centers. We teach staff techniques to limit crisis behaviors while educating the children on mental health and effective ways to communicate their needs, wants, and emotions.

We are passionate about monitoring and managing your needs when it comes to your Mental Health. We believe in taking a proactive route to a healthy life. 

Therefore, we speak to educate people on the true meaning of Mental Health, common signs a person maybe struggling, ways to manage overall mental health, and available  resources.  We would love to speak at your next event. 

Speaking Engagements